Hundreds of “Nevada Child Seekers” volunteers hit the streets Thursday to search for dozens of missing valley children. 

The organization held its annual “Big Search Event” this week to locate some of the 8,000 young people who have vanished across our state. At least 200 of these are considered endangered or abducted, according to NV Child Seekers. 

“They still need help,” Nevada Child Seekers volunteer Jim Epley said. 

He and his team set out near Tropicana Avenue and Dean Martin Drive to help find the souls that vanished behind the Las Vegas city lights. 

“Human trafficking is a horrendous problem in Las Vegas for sure,” Epley added. 

They left “missing” flyers at casinos, restaurants, gas stations and hotels, all to encourage anyone to do what’s right. 

“Sometimes you think a lead is crazy,” volunteer Debbie Lynn Miller-Joseph said. “And then it ended up fitting the puzzle piece.”

They said no lead is too small, and any information can make a huge difference in these investigations. 

“When you have daughters, and you know these things happen, it really brings it home,” Epley said.

They hope any interaction, no matter how small, will make a huge difference for the young people who are in dangerous situations.

“I know a lot of these kids are in fear,” Epley said. “As we learned last night, a lot of them are in mental fear of doing something or running away.”

Epley and his wife say they plan to use their instincts as parents to give the missing kids a second chance to turn their lives around. 

“That’s really part of our strong purpose — is helping people,” Epley said. “You know that every child out there whether it’s a female or a male, they have a parent. There are definitely places to turn.”

The “Big Search Event” continues through Saturday, Feb. 2.   As of Thursday, Nevada Child Seekers volunteers had located 12 of the 30 missing children on their radar. By the end of the week, they hope to find every single one of them.

If you see a child who appears to be in danger call 911 or 1-855-733-5567. 

For more information on Nevada Child Seekers go here.