LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are new reports of a scam connecting the 2020 Census and a proposed coronavirus stimulus package, according to the Nevada Census.

Residents have reported receiving text messages urging the user to visit a fake Census website and sign up in order to receive a stimulus check from the U.S. government, along with other false claims.

“Understandably, there are growing concerns about the public health situation, unfortunately that same concern is a beacon for scammers and fraudulent claims around the Census count. There is absolutely no connection between the proposed coronavirus stimulus package and the 2020 Census count. If residents hear, read or receive texts or emails or any phone calls claiming as such, they are all false.”

Kerry Durmick, Nevada Census 2020 statewide coordinator

Other scams targeting Nevada residents include individuals claiming to be with the U.S. Census Bureau, approaching the doors of residents and asking for sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit card information. Another scam follows a similar format by mailing fake census forms to residents that also ask for sensitive information.

The Census Bureau notes that responses to the 2020 Census are not tied to any potential stimulus packages or individual government benefits.

Below is important dates and accurate information about the upcoming Nevada Census count:

  • March 16-24: Reminder letters mailed
  • March 26-April 3: Reminder postcard mailed
  • April 1, 2020: NATIONAL CENSUS DAY
  • April 8-16: Second reminder and hard copy Census Questionnaire mailed
  • April 20-27: Final postcards mailed before in-person follow up begins

What the Census form WILL NOT ask for:

  • resident’s social security number,
  • citizenship status,
  • credit card or bank information,
  • donations,
  • political party affiliation, or
  • anything regarding the 2020 election

Residents can complete the Nevadan Census in 3 safe and quick ways:

  • Online (,
  • Phone (844-330-2020; for Spanish 844-468-2020), or
  • Mail in the hard copy questionnaire

Residents can report fraudulent activity, or scams, by contacting the U.S. Census Bureau regional hotline number at 1-844-330-2020, or by emailing