LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Lawsuits filed Thursday by the US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission against Nevada businesses accuse the establishments of sexual harassment, among other allegations.

Mariscos El Puerto and La Catrina, Nevada Restaurant Services, Inc., and Bouchon and Thomas Keller Restaurant Group all face lawsuits involving sexual harassment, among other allegations.


The lawsuits allege sexual harassment, discrimination, and harassment against gay and lesbian workers occurred at the restaurant and bar located in Las Vegas. Additionally, the lawsuit accuses the establishment of retaliation against an employee. Two separate lawsuits were filed, the first of which accused male managers at the location of requiring female employees to engage in sexual activities to keep their jobs and then fired employees who did not comply.

“The harassment also included sexual assaults, sexual solicitations, inappropriate touching of the buttocks and breasts, males rubbing up against the female workers, and frequent explicit sexual comments,” the release said.

The second lawsuit accuses higher-ups at the establishment of discriminating against and harassing gay and lesbian workers based on their sexual orientation.

“The two lawsuits further allege that for some workers, the working conditions were so intolerable they felt they had no choice but to quit,” the release said.

When contacted to comment on the allegations, 8 News Now Investigators were told that a manager was unavailable. If a comment is provided, it will be added to this article.


The ownership group of Dotty’s and Laughlin River Lodge Hotel & Casino in Laughlin faces allegations of sexual harassment of men and women, including “unwanted touching and groping, stalking, offering to pay for sex, and sexually offensive comments towards female employees.”

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the attempted rape of a 19-year-old housekeeper resulted in management scolding the woman for not completing the cleaning of the room, and threatening termination of her employment if she were to fail to clean a room in the future.

The events occurred in the presence of supervisors, the lawsuit alleges, adding that the human resources department at the company failed to correct the issues, forcing employees to end their employment at the company to escape the harassment.

8 News Now Investigators reached out to Laughlin River Lodge Hotel & Casino, who said that they were unable to speak to the media and hung up.


The operator of restaurant chains such as French Laundry, Bouchon Bistro, and Bouchon Bakery has been accused of subjecting employees to sexual harassment since 2018. Managers at the Bouchon Las Vegas are accused of “unwanted and repeated sexual advances, sexual comments, sexually offensive conduct, and unwelcome physical contact.”

According to the suit, the operator failed to act on the allegations, and some employees who brought up issues with the conduct faced retaliation.

Bouchon and Thomas Keller Restaurant Group did not immediately respond to a request for comment. If one is provided, this article will be updated to add it.