LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Margaret Rudin, the woman convicted of killing her millionaire husband in Las Vegas in 1994, appeared before the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners on Wednesday.

Rudin, now 76-years-old, was accused of shooting 64-year-old Ron Rudin in the head while he slept. She was extradited to Nevada in 1999 to face the charges. Rudin was found guilty of murder with a deadly weapon during a 10-week trial in 2001, making it the longest criminal trial in the history of Las Vegas.

During the parole hearing, Rudin’s attorney Travis Barrick noted she doesn’t pose a risk to the public, something he gleaned after getting to know her over the years. He said she has a “fully developed sense of injustice or right and wrong.” She allegedly stuck up for other inmates and cared about other people in the prison.

A second attorney, Greg Mullanax, said he was shocked after reading the opinion out of the 9th Circuit Court of appeals and stated the “most shocking part was,” the level of “malpractice and malfeasance” that went on with her attorneys and some judges due to multiple incidents. Mullanax said her situation “offends him as a member of the bar.”

Rudin attempted to point out mistakes in her pre-sentencing report during the parole hearing, but the board was not able to listen to her discrepancies, stating they do not have the ability to negotiate documents it receives.

Rudin’s attorney Travis Barrick

The parole board said she is at low risk to re-offend after reviewing several factors that played out during her time in prison.

Rudin said she would be willing to be paroled in Nevada, stating that she has support in the state. She added that she would live on her social security and has plans to get a part-time job and attend UNLV to continue her education.

Rudin’s case is still in appeal in the Federal District Court in Las Vegas. She’s been in prison for 20 years.

The parole ruling will be handed down in two to three weeks.