LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nellis Air Force Base launched a new program to help Airmen transition from the military to other careers just in time for Veterans Day. The program helps Airmen understand their value in the private sector.

The program will help soon-to-be Veterans identify how their military talents can be applied to in-demand careers.

The Veteran Employment Connection of Southen Nevada will work with Nellis Air Force Base to guide Airmen in search of new opportunities.

An estimated 840 Airmen, both men and women, leave the base annually.

“I have rocket scientists, brain surgeons, mechanics that work on airplanes, people that fly 150 million dollar airplanes and people who fly 150 million dollar airplanes which have no people in them. So we have a really talented and diverse workforce,” said Brig. Gen. Robert Novotny, 57th Wing commander.

Many are honorably discharged and are uncertain about what their future holds.

As their service winds down, Stem 101, a national nonprofit, will introduce them to new pathways while still on base.

“Employers that range the gamut in terms of career pathways from companies like a big gaming technology company, to the Bank of Nevada where we’re at today, all the way to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Keolis, which operates transit,” said Russell Mickelson, CEO & co-founder of STEM 101.

Some of the skills new Veterans walk out into the workforce include highly-skilled problem solving, discipline and technical experience.

This program also strives to keep this highly-skilled workforce from leaving our state.