LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A neighborhood in the Southwest Las Vegas valley is concerned after a load of recyclables was dumped onto one of their streets

Neighbors in the Tula-Rosa community want answers after recyclables were dumped all over the street near Rainbow Boulevard and Cactus Avenue causing an eye sore and an odor.

“There was trash outside and we didn’t know what happened. We thought there was a crash or something,” said resident, Sony Perez.

Residents were so frustrated that they were willing to help clean up the mess themselves.

“People were swerving and broken glass everywhere at the entrance and the exit to the community. I’ll get a broom if I have to and sweep it up myself,” said resident Dale Swedberg.

Eco-Tec Environmental started cleaning up the mess on Monday afternoon and the pile was gone a short time later.

“The worst part about it is with the wind and everything else it’s starting to blow through the neighborhood and now more things have been added to it like wheels and tires sitting there so it will continue to get worse until republic comes out and picks it up,” resident, Marcus Ware, said.

According to Republic Services, the door to one of their collection trucks malfunctioned causing the mess.

While it is still unclear as to why it took a little over 48 hours to clear the debris, the company states that they are committed to being a good neighbor and ensures that the area is clean and free of debris.