LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A man in the northwest valley shared his concerns Friday over what he calls a chronic car egging problem in his neighborhood. 

“This car got hit here with one egg,” Leo Merino explained, pointing to his car. “Just driving around and hitting everyone’s cars, it’s not cool.”


Merino walked 8 News Now through the unique form of vandalism he experienced near Ann Road and Durango Drive, as he said his car and a handful of others were hit this week. 

“You can see the guy throwing it at one car,” Merino said, referencing his home surveillance video. “Eggs flying into the other vehicles.”

Something like this may seem like a harmless prank, but Victor Botnari of Universal Motorcars said it could cause a lot of damage. 

“Eggs contain sulfur,” Botnari explained. “Which is acidic.”

Depending on when and where the vandalism happens, he told 8 News Now repairs could cost anywhere from $800 to around $1500 after a car is egged. 


“It makes an indentation in the panel,” he explained of egging. “Second thing, if it is not cleaned right away, the sulfur and the acid goes into the clear coat and the paint and damages the paint.”

Leo said he was lucky enough to catch the mess on his car and clean it right away, but he hopes those behind this will think twice before they target the area again. 

“Everybody’s on watch now for them,” Merino concluded, speaking of those responsible. “So, somebody is going to catch them.”

If your car or house gets egged, you can call Metro Police at 702-828-3111 to file a report. 

Botnari also recommended checking that your auto insurance policy has a zero deductible for vandalism, so this sort of damage is covered.