LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One Las Vegas neighborhood may be quiet now, but it was a very different story on Monday when bullets went flying through the streets. Afterwards, neighbors had questions about what could have lead up to the violence.

“I was getting ready to take my dog for a walk,” said Nicole Bowden, who lives next door to the scene, “It’s scary because, I mean, this could happen anywhere.”

What had started out as a typical Monday afternoon, quickly turned into something else a little after four o’clock.

“Not just once. It was bang bang bang bang bang bang, at least 8/9 times,” Bowden continued.

It was gunfire, a sound which Bowden said she hadn’t heard there before.

“I got halfway up the street when all the squad cars started showing up.”

Streets were closed and caution tape was up. Police said that two people were shot and killed at the home behind Bowden on Glowing Ember Court during an altercation. Bullets went flying in the front yard, some even hitting nearby homes.

“That’s the thing that scared me. It was right next to my backyard, so it could have easily went through.”

On Tuesday, the house looked like every other one on the street. Now, it has become a mystery to people who live here. Neighbors like Paka Ferrer are left with questions.

“I love this neighborhood and it’s been quiet now, you know with what’s really going on,” said Ferrer.

People who 8 News Now spoke with said that they didn’t know who lived there.

“Almost every night, I’ve seen people coming out and say hello, hi, how are you doing tonight. That’s it.”

Bowden has also been left with questions.

“I want to know what happened,” she told 8 News Now.

Police were back at the scene on Tuesday going door to door, but as of right now, the motive is not known.