LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– It is yet another complaint after months of drag racing in one northwest valley neighborhood.

The most recent incident happened Friday night near Grand Canyon and Gowan road.

“I would like to see more of a police presence in that area even though we do live right by a station nearby. Putting up cameras at this intersection could be very helpful,” Stacie Brown, a resident, said.

A plea from neighbors after they said racing occurs almost every weekend, but Friday night was especially alarming since so many people were standing around in crowds.

“I was quite infuriated after watching that because she could have been killed. Anybody could be killed. From what she described to me was that there were about 200 people blocking off each entrance,” Stacie Brown, a resident, said.

Carrie Seitz called the police, but officers never showed up. When she made the report, she was told to get their license plates, but she said it was hard to do so in fear of getting hit or threatened.

“These individuals were doing these 360’s and fast, and they could have lost control at any time and some points. I thought these kids were going to get killed,” Carrie Seitz, a neighbor, said. “They are ripping up the road, and they don’t care about their own safety, so why would they care about anyone else’s safety.”

Metro police released their DUI count from New Year’s Eve with a reported twelve check-ins on racing. Some neighbors said they hope this will happen more often to stop incidents like this.

“It’s so disrespectful, and I feel like it is escalating, and if they are not being held accountable, then I don’t feel like there is going to be an end to it,” Seitz said.

Neighbors said this incident looked organized with people using professional camera filing, which was familiar with these racing groups who often post their racing videos to YouTube.