Neighborhood markets see spike in business as shoppers seek essentials

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Zaytoon Market has been a hidden gem for Valley residents in need of groceries they can’t find at big-name stores. The market, near Twain and Durango, sells Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food items.

“I have been to three other stores; it is a mess,” said shopper Quiana. “I was recommended by a friend who told me this is a place I could still find rice.”

Saam Naghdi, owner of Zaytoon, said business has been hectic. He’s been getting a lot of new customers looking for food that was cleared out of other stores.

“We have a lot of customers coming in looking for the necessities, like rice and bread,” revealed Naghdi.

8 News Now was able to find rice and bread still at the store Wednesday night.

A few blocks away at the Max Market, it’s the same story. Business is constant, with new customers looking for essential items.

“They asking all the kind of food you have, like rice, flour, eggs,” said Max Owner Razmik Sarkisan.

Customers said these stores are easier than the big ones, touting them as hidden gems.

“They have had everything that has been great: fruit, vegetables, dairy products. So, I have told my friends, too,” said customer Mo Sahihi.

People are getting food where they can. If they aren’t going to the store, they are ordering it.

Grubhub delivery driver Christal Harris said that now people can’t dine-in anywhere, it’s been busy. She noticed people ordering food from their favorite spots for a specific reason.

“I have had five people telling me today, “I am glad we have this technology to be able to do the delivery stuff so these businesses are just without nothing,'” she revealed.

Harris said she and other drivers are taking precautions and using hand sanitizer. Some delivery companies are giving it to them weekly for free. She knows that it is appreciated.

“They are thanking me for working, which is nice.”

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