LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Beginning today, the Biden administration is implementing new travel rules to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

With just weeks before Christmas — one of the busiest travel times of the year — the change is going into effect at McCarran International Airport and airports across the country. This time, the focus is on travelers coming into the U.S.

Starting today, people traveling internationally will have to show proof of a negative test result in order to fly back to the U.S.

The test must be done within a day before departure.

People flying to Las Vegas from Mexico City on Monday night were some of the first to experience new travel changes.

“I think it’s extremely important,” said Daniel Davila a traveler from Mexico.

The changes apply to everyone regardless of vaccination status.

“There was a guy that didn’t bring his vaccine test he got rejected just like that,” Davila added.

Claudia Lopez also spoke with 8 News Now and says she doesn’t mind the new changes.

“It is a prevention measure and I think 24 hours it is okay,” she added.

Lopez says some people today however were not aware of the changes and there was confusion at the airport in Mexico.

President Joe Biden has said the goal is to add a layer of protection as the omicron variant continues to be a concern.

The stricter testing requirements are for all inbound travelers including U.S. citizens, regardless of their vaccination status.

This applies only to air travel right now.

Some people are worried about the costs of the quicker test, while others don’t mind.

“I mean, I was expecting it to be tougher than it was just from what your friends tell you,” said Sue Lee. “But really, it was nothing. It was very easy to do.”

The test does not need to be exactly within 24 hours — just the calendar day before departure.