LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Store shelves are no longer bare, but baby formula has still been in short supply in some places. 

While the situation has improved since mid-July, some advocates say the FDA, which regulates the industry, has to do a better job. 

At a time when working families and single parents are struggling with inflation, Congress passed legislation this month to temporarily suspend tariffs on infant formula, lowering its cost.

This legislation called the “Formula act” will remain in place until the end of December. 

“This is incredibly important legislation because right now American families are very much struggling from the baby formula shortage that started this past spring,” explained Andrea Ippolito from SimpliFed.

Eight months ago, our country’s biggest infant formula maker, Abbott, recalled multiple products and halted production at one of its facilities after bacteria was found at the site.  

Formula products became more and more scarce. Shortages spiked to nearly 75% nationwide. 

At the end of may, baby formula was flown in from overseas to help ease the shortage. 

“We need to do so much more to support American families.” 

CEO and founder of SimpliFed, Andrea Ippolito said even as the scarcity subsides, the FDA is not doing enough to address problems exposed by the shortages. The crisis shows further action is necessary to ensure the safety of the product and the resiliency of the market to future supply issues. 

“We need enforcement of federal law currently in place where health plans are required to cover baby feeding and baby feeding support, in person or virtually, fully covered by health plans.” 

SimpliFed is a telehealth company with experts that provides breastfeeding and baby feeding support to new and pregnant parents, for free covered by your health plan.