LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — At least 89 flights were canceled at Harry Reid International Airport within 24 hours as Spirit Airlines battled some major weather delays, over the past few days, according to

Abby Lagman is the president of Blissful Travel Company and tells 8 News Now that this past weekend there were dozens of delays and cancellations.

“I think in the last couple of weeks it’s been crazy busy because you know, well, countries are lifting a lot of their requirements and people are just feeling more comfortable in traveling, which is showing a lot of interest and bookings,” Lagman said.

Traveler Sarah Jolley described her travel experience as a nightmare.

“We lost over like a couple of thousand dollars on his cruise and all I kept getting was, you know, we understand, we’re sorry,” Jolley added. “We were standing in line with like over 300 people and tears and crying and everything like that. People who were stuck who didn’t have options to get hotels.”

Jose Francisco Alvarez, tells 8 News Now that he arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday and now can’t fly out until Wednesday.

“There’s no information everyone is desperate waiting for their flight,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jolley says she’d like to hear more details from the airline itself, whatever the case may be.

“I would just wish that they could tell us the truth. Whether it was staffing shortage or whatever,” she added.

Under federal law, if your flight is canceled or significantly delayed and you choose not to travel, you will get a refund.

Spirit Airlines issued a statement on the matter and it is included as follows.

Spirit has a very large presence in Florida, it takes time to get our crews and planes back into place after multiple days of weather and restrictions. We’re seeing improved operating conditions, and should be resuming normal operations over the next few days.