LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More than two years after Project Neon wrapped up on I-15, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is planning another major construction project on U.S 95.

The plans, called the Downtown Access Project, will create improvements between Rancho and Mojave on the busy stretch of the freeway.

In a meeting Tuesday night, NDOT discussed its three-part project in creating better access to the downtown area of Las Vegas. Senior Project Manager for NDOT Ryan Wheeler said that upgraded infrastructure, convenience, and safety are their top priorities.

“Those old bridges are not going to stand forever, that’s the number one reason why we are looking to implement this. The second one is the crash rates on the freeway,” Wheeler said. “We want to build a freeway that is safer and we want to fix that ramp spacing, which will fix the congestion for several miles in each direction.”

According to NDOT, rebuilding could happen either by replacing the bridges with a recessed freeway or an elevated freeway on an embankment.

Resident Steven Franklin told 8 News Now that if an elevated freeway is added, he would like to see something substantial created under it.

“If they do an elevated version but it ties the neighborhood together and activates that land, it makes it an amenity to the neighborhood instead of it being a dead zone. And I feel that a great option is to provide some park space,” Franklin said.

Currently, the Downtown Access Project is looking like an 8 to 9-year process.

“We’re in the environmental phase, we will finish that phase in 2023, and it’s the only phase that is currently funded. The next phase would be the final design,” Wheeler stated.

After the final design phase, construction will begin and is slated for 2027 to 2028.

You can see the videos put together by NDOT for each of the different proposals for this project through this link.