LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The summer travel season is in full effect, and vacationers are not wasting any time, as just-released numbers from Harry Reid International Airport show that the airport had its busiest month ever in June.

The airport made headlines with a different number on Wednesday, however, as it experienced a high rate of flight delays and cancelations.

As the summer travel season is underway, so are headaches for many passengers.

“When we landed, the bridge got stuck and we had to wait until they fixed the situation,” said tourist Jeanette Pressman.

Flight tracking website FlightAware released data showing airport cancelations and delays, showing Harry Reid International had 29% of their total flights delayed and more than 350 cancelations between June 1 and July 24.

“Delays can happen for so many reasons, weather or staffing issues, mechanical,” said Harry Reid International spokesperson Joe Rajchel. “So many things can happen. We could have perfect weather here, but if there is a storm somewhere, that can cause a delay.”

Newark, La Guardia, and Washington’s National Airport topped the list of scheduled flights canceled in the U.S.

“Over the weekend and especially into Monday of this week, we saw significant delays and cancellations for Las Vegas International Airport, culminating in over 7% of all scheduled flights being canceled on Monday, July 25,” said FlightAware spokesperson Kathleen Bangs. “This is not the record for LAS 2022 cancellations. Cancellations were still higher during the first week of the new year mainly due to staffing impacts from the widely circulating Omicron Covid virus. But these sporadic spikes in high cancellations and delays still reflect a nationwide issue the airline industry is experiencing with staffing, from the cockpit all the way to the baggage handlers.”

Southwest Airlines told 8 News Now that operational performance has improved across the board, with more than 92% of their flights having arrived within one hour of their scheduled time between June and July 4 of this year.

Airport officials discussed how millions of passengers marked the busiest month for the airport in June.

“4.6 million passengers, almost 4.7,” Rajchel continued. “Las Vegas continues to be a popular destination. People are wanting to come here and we are seeing that here.”

Travelers said even though some delays have been less than an hour, Las Vegas is always worth the wait.

“There isn’t much you can do. That’s the thing with flying, there are delays or mishaps and you have to roll with the punches,” said tourist Alvin Barbosa.

Airport officials said that if you’re planning to travel, check your flight status before arriving at the airport, and sign up for text and email alerts from airlines.