LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Pandemic-related shortages continue to affect the lives of people who live, work and play in the Las Vegas valley. According to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS), a worldwide glue shortage has led to the cancelation of several drag racing events at The Strip.

Drag strip operators, including LVMS are unable to locate and buy a type of glue to safely prep track surfaces. According to several online drag racing sites such as Drag Coverage, “Tracks across the country have been told they can no longer purchase the IC-7 or the PJ1 track prep products.”

LVMS posted the following statement to social media on Wednesday, “After multiple attempts, we have been unsuccessful in securing traction compound (glue) for our upcoming events. Due to this situation, we must cancel the Thanksgiving Bracket Nationals at The Strip, November 23-27, the Summit Racing Equipment Midnight Mayhem on Dec. 2, and the Test ‘n Tune on Dec. 3.”

The speedway wrote that the “decision was not taken lightly” and that they had spent weeks trying to secure shipments of the glue.

Experts say the current glue shortage is a combination of supply chain issues with chemical companies and damaging weather that has hit large trading ports this year.

Trey Agner is a lifelong racing enthusiast who travels across the nation for work involving car showcases. He was preparing for an event at The Strip Wednesday night and acknowledges the importance of these cancellations.

“We’re not talking about Elmer’s glue,” Agner told 8 News Now. “It’s going to keep the car grounded. It’s going to make sure it’s under control at all times and give it more grip to the track itself, to where it’s going straight rather than kind of veering off right or left.”