NASA’s International Observe the Moon night is Saturday

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Are you a selenophile? A person captivated by the moon. If so, you don’t want to miss NASA’s annual event to observe and learn more about the moon Saturday.

This time of year is considered one of the best times to view the moon and its lunar landscape. There will be six hours of programming and people from all over the world will come together to celebrate the past, present, and future of lunar exploration.

Earth’s celestial companion has always fascinated people and reached a fever pitch 50 years ago when the first manned mission, Apollo 11, landed on the moon in July 1969. NASA is now planning to send astronauts to the moon again in 2024 with the Artemis mission.

Molly Wasser, the deputy director of International Observe the Moon night spoke with Good Day Las Vegas to talk about what viewers can expect.

“It’s a first quarter moon which is actually a great time to see some of the features, observe some of the mountains, valleys and craters. You can actually see those better because of that line between lunar night and lunar day,” she said.

There will hours of programming that will include things such as how to take good photographs of the moon and also a chance to see inside the lab where all the Apollo samples are kept.

You can follow #AskNASA on Twitter and you can watch the programing at this link

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