LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The local NAACP branch held a discussion with local law enforcement Saturday. Several panelists took the stage to ask top officials about the current state of our justice system.

The topic of racial injustice between community members and law enforcement was the main focus of the event. 

Roxann McCoy, NAACP Las Vegas Chapter President, and several other community leaders came together today to talk to Sheriff Lombardo, with Metro and other key officials in law enforcement.

Topics of George Floyd and the riots that took place last year were mentioned along with the accomplishment of our city being one of the first to get body cams to officers.

“I would want them to have trust in me as their sheriff. That we will do any allegation or have concern for any allegation concerned with improper use of force and we would conduct a robust investigation associated with that and people will be held accountable,” Sheriff Lombardo said. “Our department was the first department to employ body cameras in 2013 before any other major agency.”

Towards the end, a group of protesters wearing, “Justice for Jorge Gomez” shirts gathered around chanting out to the group of panelists.

This discussion, which was set for two hours at CSN Horn Theater, allowed audience members to participate and ask questions directly to law enforcement.