LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas Metro police officer is in the hospital suffering from a mystery illness that has robbed her of her ability to move and speak correctly. Since the end of March, she has been in and out of hospitals seeking a diagnosis but hasn’t received one.

Shanice Bell, who is 30 years old, has been on the force for eight years. She’s a single mom to her daughter, Sky, who is under two years old.

Shanice Bell and her daughter Sky. (Credit: Bell Family)

Bell’s aunt, Aveon Sims, said Bell was sick for weeks but her decline wasn’t noticed until some of the symptoms were obvious.

“Her sergeant noticed she was slurring her words and walking sideways,” she said. 

Sims said the family, all Las Vegas natives, took Bell to the emergency department at Centennial Hospital in March twice before a month-long stay at University Medical Center in April. 

After countless tests ruled out diseases from cancer to lupus and more, she was moved to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

“They still haven’t pinpointed exactly what was wrong or what happened,” Sims said. “The only thing they know is that her brain is swollen.”

Without a diagnosis, medical personnel have only been able to treat Bell’s symptoms. Last week, after more than a month, she regained limited speech. Her first coherent words were to ask for her baby, Sky. 

“Her whole motivation right now is getting home to Sky,” Sim said. “I told her you’re going to be good, you’re going to get back to the gym. She said ‘I’m going to the gym.'” Sims said, mimicking Bell’s staggered speech. 

Shanice Bell is an avid traveler. (Credit: Bell family)

Bell is described as normally strong, healthy, outgoing, and an avid traveler. Sims said there is no family history of a disease with Bell’s symptoms and it’s not like her niece to be unwell.

Bell’s mother, Maria, is traveling back and forth between Las Vegas and Arizona to be with her daughter. Sky is staying with her father.

Fellow Metro police officer and friend Unique Durrough started a GoFundMe account to help the family with travel and other expenses.

“She’s great at what she does,” Durrough said.

Metro police Officer Shanice Bell with fellow LVMPD officers. (Credit: Bell family)

She sought Bell’s advice a couple of months before starting the police academy and her to be a fun and compassionate officer.

“When I met her I was like, she’s amazing, so strong and I thanked her for her time and knowledge that she gave me,” Durrough said. “Then we became friends.”

The two officers work within LVMPD’s African-American Recruitment Council. Bell is the vice president, in addition to doing patrols. 

“I want the community, whenever she gets out of this, to take the time, go up to her and say hello.”

Durrough said she wants people to know Bell is an amazing officer and person going through a tough time.