LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A few hundred people rallied on the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday to protest COVID-related mandates.

Protesters, which included some Clark County School District employees, say they want to decide if they should get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Don’t force it on us. It should be our choice. My body, my choice,” CCSD employee Heather Taylor said.

Taylor is concerned the school board allowed Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara to create a vaccine mandate for all employees. And while no official policy has been made yet, Taylor says it is important to speak out.

“People should see that there are a lot of us,” Taylor said. “We’re not against the vaccine. We’re not against medicine. We want this to end just like the rest of the world does.”

Some CCSD parents were also at the rally to voice their issue with the mask mandate. 8 News Now spoke to veteran Felicia Patterson, who says she even sent her kids out of state because of it.

“My daughter’s father lives in the state of Missouri in a town where they do not mandate masks or vaccines for that matter,” Patterson said.

The group “Las Vegas Freedom of Choice” organized the protest. The organization’s president, Brandon Burns, says they don’t agree with any COVID-related mandates across the city, but they respect every person’s individual decision when it comes to the vaccine.

“At the end of the day, we all just want to live our lives, unrestricted, and being able to have the freedom to do what we want,” Burns said. “It is absolutely okay if people want to get the vaccine. And it’s absolutely okay if people choose not to get the vaccine.”

Taylor says if CCSD adopts a vaccine mandate, she might leave her job.

“My heart is torn, and I wish that CCSD wouldn’t have to make me make that decision,” Taylor said.

Some people at Tuesday’s rally on the Las Vegas Strip were also involved in a CCSD walkout, where employees called out to protest the potential vaccine mandate. In response, CCSD says it, “strives every day to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone to work, learn and thrive.”

“Las Vegas Freedom of Choice” tells 8 News Now they are planning more protests in the future, but have no scheduled events at the moment.