LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After being closed since mid-August because of severe storm damage, the Nevada Department of Transportation announced that State Route 156 to Lee Canyon will reopen Thursday evening and the other main roads will be open within a few weeks.

State Route 157, or Kyle Canyon Road, will reopen on Friday, Nov. 3, and State Route 158, or Deer Creek Road, will reopen on Nov. 10, weather permitting.

“These three highways endured substantial damage during the flooding caused by Tropical Storm Hilary. Despite numerous challenges in planning and construction, the emergency repairs for each road were completed on schedule,” said NDOT engineer Mario Gomez. “We extend our gratitude to the patient residents of the Mt. Charleston community and express our deep appreciation for the valuable collaboration with agencies such as Clark County, Nevada State Police, the U.S. Forest Service and others.”

During a Thursday morning news conference, officials reminded the visiting public and residents that there is still active construction work taking place in resident subdivisions. In addition, the U.S. Forest Service is working on channels, roads, trails and recreation areas impacted by the storm.

“It’s very important for the public to realize that with the opening of the highways to Mount Charleston, there is still a lot of active construction work underway and many of the popular trails and picnic areas remain closed due to storm damage,” said Jason Douglas, Assistant Fire Chief of the Mount Charleston Fire Protection District. “We have serious concerns about people getting injured if they attempt to access closed areas.”

Most of the closed recreational areas are expected to open within two weeks.

“While significant work is still needed to assess, stabilize, reroute, rebuild, fund, and repair areas that were obliterated by this 1,000-year storm, the reopening of so many areas before the winter season is an exciting milestone,” said Deb MacNeill, Spring Mountains National Recreation Area Manager. “We look forward to welcoming visitors at the Sawmill trailhead, Old Mill picnic area, and other sites in Lee Canyon this Friday.   We’re thrilled to also announce the reopening of several year-round developed recreation sites, including the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway, Kyle Picnic Area, and Fletcher Campground starting next Friday, November 3rd.”

Updates on the closures can be found at this link.