Move aside RoboCop, K-5 has arrived

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The Global Security Exchange Conference has descended on Las Vegas this week and among the drones and droids making headlines is a robot crimestopper designed to weather the elements.

It’s the next generation in crime prevention.

A real-life RoboCop is trolling around the north hall of the Las Cegas Convention Center.

“Please put down you weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.”

No, we’re not talking about ED 209. We’re talking about K-5 from Knightscope.

“the robots are doing the boring, monotonous work that nobody wants to do, and that frees up the humans to do the strategic work,” said Stacy Stephens, Knightscope, cco, evp.

Though this crime-fighting robot maxes out at a brisk 3 miles-per-hour, it has plenty of preventative tools to help deter criminal activity.

It can read and run 1,200 license plates an hour, provide 2-way audio and 360-degree video to security guards and first responders and even scan wireless networks for threats.

K-5 can function as a single unit but it’s designed to be part of a much larger system. The robot can work as part of a fleet and works as part of a full suite of connected online security devices and software.
Though it’s not in use at any Las Vegas property yet, casinos in Arizona and California are some of the clients in 16 states using Knightscope’s robots.

Executive Vice President Stacy Stephens says its footprint is growing because its system is working.

“We’ve stopped a fraudulent insurance claim, we’re responsible for the arrest of a sexual predator, of a carjacker, also some robbers in a shopping center,  so already the technology has proven itself to be incredibly helpful.”

Through smart charging, the K-5 is able to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the conditions, it costs anywhere between $6 to $12 an hour to operate.

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