LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This is one big, pretty kitty. A 60-pound mountain lion made herself comfortable in a tree at The Summit Club in Summerlin, prompting a response from the experts.

Clark County Animal Control officers and Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) game wardens teamed up at the golf course to safely get her down, using tranquilizer guns.

When she was back on the ground, animal control officers drove her to the Spring Mountain Foothills. According to a news release, the wardens reversed the tranquilizer’s effects with medicine, and the feline was fully recovered in about 90 minutes. You can watch her release in the video provided by Clark County above.

NDOW says wardens marked the juvenile lion with an ear tag.

Officials say this mountain lion is believed to be the same one that has recently been reported near the area of West Flamingo and the 215. They do not know, however, if she is the one caught on security cameras in northern Summerlin communities.

Pet owners are warned to keep watch over their animals while they’re outside. NDOW says this is especially important when predators are out around dawn and dusk.