LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The mountain lion seen wandering around a northwest Las Vegas neighborhood was euthanized after being “safely captured” early Wednesday morning, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had announced that NDOW’s Game Warden was able to “safely capture” the mountain lion around 4 a.m.

“Public safety issues associated with a top line A predator that demonstrated high fidelity to a residential area and habituation to the human environment,” a statement from an NDOW spokesperson said. “Yes, it showed no inclination to leave the area when pressured.”

8 News Now requested further clarification on where the animal was killed.

Neighbors were on high alert after the mountain lion was spotted near Grand Canyon and Grand Teton drives Monday night. Brittany Avey and her husband saw the animal and captured images of it.

Danielle Seales also captured video of the mountain lion on her Ring doorbell camera outside her home in Skye Canyon on Tuesday night.

“He was very confident and docile and taking a cat nap,” Seales told 8 News Now.

Seales came face to face with the animal earlier that day while on a walk with her daughter and dog.

“(I) saw the animal right above my neighbor’s house. It had its eyes stalking us and we had no idea, she added.

Seales said she quickly grabbed her daughter and dog and went inside her home. Later that night her Ring doorbell camera captured the mountain lion walking across her year with a cat in its mouth.

Metro police said the animal was spotted on Cliff Peaks Street near Farm Road and Grand Canyon Drive just before 9 p.m. Tuesday. The mountain lion had traveled about a half-mile from where it was spotted Monday.

“There were two police out in the perimeter, two out in front, more out here, and even a helicopter flying around in case he moves so they kept a spotlight on him,” Seales added.

Wildlife officials advise people not to run if they see a lion because it can trigger an instinct in the animal to chase you. Instead, it’s advised you raise your hands over your head, act big, and back away slowly.