Mount Charleston, Lee Canyon hit with snowstorm

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It was a busy day for all crews working on Mount Charleston from first responders, to public works, and ski resort personnel.

At least seven inches of snow fell in some areas overnight.

Fog greeted drivers heading up Lee canyon road. Visibility was limited in some areas but the roads were mostly clear.

NDOT and Clark County had crews working through the night, making sure the roads were not covered in snow.

Meanwhile, NHP was checking for chains or 4-wheel-drive and stopping drivers whose vehicles were not equipped.

Some drives didn’t take it well.

NHP trooper: “It’s absolutely by the law necessary right now. I just need you to go ahead and go to the left and go back down the mountain to get some chains.

Driver: “This is my only day off in two weeks.

NHP trooper: “I cannot let you go up the mountain.”

For those who didn’t get turned around, they got to enjoy a fun day at Lee Canyon with seven inches of fresh snow.

“The snow is great so it makes this place a hidden gem. It’s powder, champagne powder,
 said snowboarder Michael Rizzo.

Ski resort crews arrived in the dark morning hours to begin snow removal before any visitors were allowed in.

“This is fabulous actually,” said Jim Seely, marketing director, Lee Canyon. “A couple of us are saying let’s see if we can enough snowfall in this one storm system that we did all last season.”

They were also doing avalanche control.

“We did use the howitzer very early in the morning that caused some delays this morning as far as letting off some charges in the upper terrain, to push the snow down to mitigate it until its at a safe location,” Seely said.

Lee canyon also had the ski patrol doing rounds, making sure that everything and everyone looked good.

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