LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Amy Fleming, the mother of a boy who disappeared 35 years ago in Las Vegas, was sentenced Friday morning to two years in prison. She pleaded guilty in August to voluntary manslaughter in the case.

The child, 3-year-old Francillon Pierre, was reported missing in 1986. Fleming, and her then-boyfriend Mahaleel “Lee” Luster, were always suspected of being involved in the disappearance of the child. They told police they lost sight of him at the Broad Acres Swap Meet in North Las Vegas. The couple raised suspicion about a month after his disappearance when they were seen selling his toys. Also, the year before the boy was reported missing, there were child abuse charges against the couple.

Pierre Francillon

A letter Fleming had written to Luster was used as a key piece of evidence to charge Fleming with murder. A plea deal was reached to lower the charge to manslaughter.

Fleming entered a plea known as an Alford plea, which means she acknowledged the state had enough evidence to prove her guilt in the case but she doesn’t admit she is guilty. She has already served 471 days.

Fleming and Luster have both served jail time in the past associated with the case for lying to police. Luster has never been charged in the boy’s disappearance.

Francillon Pierre’s body has never been found.