LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The mother of a newborn baby is accused of child abuse after doctors determined her baby had a brain bleed and fractured ribs.

Allyson Grove, 27, is facing three counts of child abuse/neglect with substantial bodily/mental harm.

Allyson Grove is facing child abuse charges. (Credit: LVMPD)

According to the arrest report, Grove told police during her initial contact with them she doesn’t handle stress well and can’t do what it takes to care for her children.

The baby girl was taken by her father to O’Callaghan Military Medical Center at Nellis Air Force Base on July 22, 2023, because of gastric issues and vomiting. The report said it was noted the child had bruising on her face. Her father said it was caused by their 3-year-old son who accidentally headbutted the child during a temper tantrum.

On July 27, the father brought the child back to the hospital concerned she was dehydrated because she was not eating and drinking properly. Medical personnel recommended the child be transported to Sunrise Hospital where further testing was done. Police documents state the testing showed the 4-week-old baby had a brain bleed and rib fractures.

According to documents, the father told police he didn’t know how the child got those injuries and willingly took a polygraph test. The father said that he and his wife alternate caring for the baby with him covering the night shift and his wife covering the day shift.

A few days later, police spoke with Allyson Grove and she said the baby’s injuries could have been the result of her young son headbutting the baby.

On Aug. 7, a Sunrise Hospital doctor told police, “The fractures are healing and have been for about two weeks. The fractured ribs are posterior (next to the spine) with fractures to ribs 1-10 on the left side and 5-10 on the right side.” The doctor added, “There is old blood and new blood in the brain, about one week apart. All these injuries are vindictive of squeezing and shaking the baby, on two different occasions.”

Grove was taken into custody on Aug. 22 and police said she did not want to speak to detectives and asked for an attorney.

She is currently out of the Clark County Detention Center on bail. The next court hearing for the case is Sept. 26.