A Florida woman has been arrested for the murder of her 3-year-old son – in a case from more than 30 years ago. But the sad story began in the Las Vegas valley.

“It grabbed the public and it didn’t let go for months,” said George Knapp with the 8 News Now I-Team, who was part of the Las Vegas media’s extensive coverage of the case. “Francillon’s face was everywhere, that one photo, that face, the innocence of that smiling 3-year-old face.”

A face, forever etched at the center of one of the valley’s most intense investigations – and one that would make no headway for more than three decades.

In August 1986, 3-year-old Francillon Pierre, also known as “Yo-Yo,” was reported missing in North Las Vegas. From the beginning, police and the public were skeptical of the boy’s mother and stepfather – Amy and Lee Luster. That is because of child abuse charges they faced from the year before, which involved 30 to 40 welts that appeared on Francillon’s back.

“The suspicion was that they had taken their anger out on him one last time, and it went too far,” Knapp said.

Luster, now Amy Fleming, told police that she brought Francillon to the Broad Acres Swap Meet. But she also said that is where she lost track of him.

“It was fishy from the start,” Knapp said.

Experts say no murder charges were filed in the 1980s because nothing specifically tied the Lusters to Francillon’s disappearance. But that might not be the case anymore. In December 2018, North Las Vegas Police issued an arrest warrant for 60-year-old Amy Fleming. She was taken into custody in January in Florida, where she had moved. More information is expected to come out this week – and there is some speculation about what that could be.

“Either a witness, or someone has told them where the body is, or they have the actual body and now have forensic evidence enough to indict,” Knapp said.

In any case, many hope there is closure for the community.

“If the case can finally be resolved, and some sort of justice can be served,” Knapp said.

In early February 2019, Amy Fleming agreed not to fight extradition to Nevada. She is due back in court on Monday.

North Las Vegas Police are also scheduling a press conference for Monday afternoon, where we expect to learn more details about this case. Stay with 8 News Now for the latest developments.