LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A Las Vegas woman is looking for her hero after she and her son were trapped inside her car on the freeway.

Jennifer Boxley was in a car crash on July 20, near the 215 and I-15 interchange. Her and her son who is autistic and has diabetes, were trapped inside her car when a good samaritan came to their rescue.

“When our car was spinning on the freeway, people were honking at me like I could stop. So it was really nice to see that someone wasn’t so cutthroat here and they actually cared,” sadi Boxley.

However, before she could say thank you, he was gone.

“I just want to tell him thank you and that he doesn’t even know that he really saved a child from potentially getting hurt,” said Boxley.

Jennifer says her hero was wearing what she says looked like a yellow work vest.

Boxley and her son are doing well and have rented a car while theirs get repaired.