LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One of the most prominent names in Formula One broadcasting is Will Buxton. He’s been covering racing his entire life from motorsports TV to NBC Sports to now Formula One. Buxton is one of the main voices of the race. Known for being right there on the track and in the middle of it all.

8 News Now spoke to him before his flight to Las Vegas about the upcoming race. He said this will be the most spectacular race in F1 history and possibly its coldest.  

Will Buxton reporting for Formula One. (Credit: F1)

Buxton visited Las Vegas only once before and has never experienced such a buzz prior to a race like the Grand Prix coming to Las Vegas.

“I don’t think I’ve known so much expectation for a race in my 20-plus years of reporting,” he explained.

He also weighed in on the many issues the race has caused to those of us who live in Las Vegas.

“I know there’s been a disruption in Vegas putting everything together, but you know what they had that the first year they ran the Grand Prix in Monaco and everybody complained about it. It won’t be as difficult next year.”

The biggest thing he tells us to look out for is the weather and tires. The cold affects the tires of the cars because they are supposed to run at a certain temperature and if it gets below that the result is a lack of grip.

“You got these cars running at 200 mph and you got them running around this brand new circuit in Las Vegas. It could be all arms and elbows all out of control. It could be anyone’s night,” he said.

And on race day you will find him at the grid.

“The most exciting place before a race. Imagine being in the locker room before the World Series or the tunnel before the World Cup final. That’s what it’s like.