More baby boomers using marijuana

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It looks like marijuana isn’t just for millennials. New research shows another generation buying pot products.

So, how are local dispensaries catering to “baby boomers?”

“They’re coming back for that same deal because it gave them a good feeling,” said John Mueller, ceo, Acres Cannabis.

Mueller says every month, he sees more and more baby boomers come into his dispensary.

“I think they’re talking to friends and getting more educated about it and the more mainstream it becomes and all of a sudden the marijuana industry is no longer this big scary beast that it was,” Mueller said.

New research from the journal, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, shows 3 percent of adults aged 65 or older have used marijuana in the past year.

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That’s seven times what it was just a decade ago.

“You obviously have those guys from back in the Woodstock days. But at the end of the day, I think this senior uplift that you’re seeing in the studies coming out today are based on dealing with chronic pain,” Mueller said.

Now, Mueller says around 75 percent of the time, older customers still usually get the classic product, but there are other options for them as well, including lotions and even gummies.

“Capsules, another way to do it. Gummies are a very popular choice.”

Mueller says he’s catering these items to the older demographic.

And the more familiar they become, the faster they fly off the shelves. That includes medical alternatives to treat pain.

“As we attack all these issues that the seniors are facing out there right now and trying to get everybody off opiates,” he said.

Looking ahead, Mueller says to keep baby boomers interested in what he has to offer, it’s all about education.

“We’ve got an open view kitchen, and you can watch and see how your medicine’s made and it really makes a big difference when all of a sudden you pull back the veil and it’s not as scary as it used to be yesterday.”

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