LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The time between now and Thanksgiving is what many call “The Red Zone,” a time when 50% of sexual assaults on college campuses occur. 

8 News Now connected with an expert who talked about safety.

It is vital for female freshmen who may be on their own for the very first time to learn about quick safety practices for navigating through campus. Former Deputy Sheriff Joy Farrow, along with domestic violence survivor Laura Frombach, wrote the book, “Street Smart Safety for Women.”

“We want women to know that they need to be more aware and be less polite,” Frombach said. “That includes online and offline because violence against women is escalating and we want to help address that.”

She said to use the buddy system, make friends, and go around campus in a group.

More advice that Frombach gave young women was to stay connected. Use a tracking app on your phone and give access to only trusted friends.

As far as dating goes, she said don’t use a free version of a dating app, pay for it.

“When you pay for those premium versions you have more security features within the application,” Frombach explained. “So that means less scammers and you’ll also be meeting others who are invested in taking dating seriously.”

Party smart, she said. Attend parties only with friends, watch each other’s back, limit alcohol drinking, and watch your drink at all times. Be confident, and follow your instincts. If something feels “off,” pay attention to that feeling.

“Set boundaries, know what you’ll do and not do in any situation,” Frombach said. “If a stranger approaches you for help, call 911. Don’t go with them, don’t try and help them yourself because we as women don’t want to leave anyone in peril. But predators can take advantage of that. Don’t let them.”

Carry personal self-defense items at all times: Like pepper spray, or a personal alarm.