LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Confirmed cases of monkeypox are now at 166 in Clark County, according to data released earlier this week.

A weekly report posted by the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) shows 98% of the cases that have been detected involve men, and 71% of those cases (118) were in the LGBTQ+ community. Only six cases have been reported in people who are straight or heterosexual, and another 25% (42 cases) occurred in people with an unknown sexual orientation.

The 2% of cases that are not defined as “male” patients aren’t necessarily biological women. Classifications include females, transgender males, transgender females, gender non-conforming and unknown gender.

The SNHD report also shows cases have been more common in the 25-34 age group, with people 35-44 close behind. Ethnic factors indicate Latino/Hispanic men are the most frequent group with probable or confirmed cases -- 31% of the total. Black/African American men are next at 25% of the total, and white men account for 23% of cases. The percentages are approximate.

In discussing preparations at UNLV, epidemiologist Dr. Brain Labus said there is a limited supply of the monkeypox vaccine available at the health district, and it’s possible UNLV could provide shots once the vaccine is widely distributed.

Cases went from one to 100 in the first nine weeks after officials reported a probable case on June 15. Since then, cases have leveled off -- but SNHD cautions that all data in the report are considered preliminary, and counts for past weeks will increase as health officials learn of new cases.

"Due to delays related to laboratory processing, reporting, and case investigations, data from most recent days is less complete than data from older time points," SNHD notes. "As many case investigations are ongoing, all data presented in this report are considered preliminary and subject to change."