LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several businesses, non-profits, and other groups are still gathering donations for Maui residents, and anything helps.

The “9th Island” as Las Vegas is often called has stepped up, and some businesses have been overwhelmed with donated items.

Before and after photos show the complete devastation in Maui. (Credit: Hawaiian Civic Club)

2 Scoops of Aloha on S. Las Vegas Boulevard has put a pause on collecting items and is now focusing on money donations. The items already collected are being sent to Maui.

The Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club partnered with several organizations since the fire began for donation drives. Board member Vincent Souza said the recovery process is slow and monetary donations including Visa and Mastercard gift cards are most needed.

“Kokua literally means to help with no expectations, and we really need everyone to continue to help,” Souza said. “It will be a marathon, not a sprint.”

Upcoming events where donations will be accepted include the Kava Night Market on Saturday, Aug. 19, and a Maui relief charity event next Saturday, Aug. 26 with food trucks, raffle giveaways, and entertainment.

Lahaina was a very culturally significant town, the former capital of the Hawaiian kingdom and Souza has been there several times. His mother’s family is from Maui.

“We’re blessed a lot of our family is from the opposite side, Hana, as we know all our family has been accounted for, but we have friends with family and friends still unaccounted for,” Souza said.

He talked about those devastating stories of families fleeing the flames, some actually jumping into the ocean to escape the fire.

He said he hopes Lahiana will come back, but the University of Hawaii has estimated it will likely take $5.5 billion dollars to rebuild. Another reason why money donations are most needed.

Organizations accepting Maui financial donations include the Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club, the Hawaii Community Foundation, Maui United Way, and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement.

The Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club is working with reputable companies to collect donations for Maui. You can click here for more information.