LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman who visited Las Vegas in November is asking for the public’s help after losing a special momento dedicated to her son’s life after his tragic passing.

Wendy Vulpi traveled from South Carolina to visit Enchant at Resorts World in Las Vegas but during that time, she lost her necklace.

Wendy Vulpi describes loss of momento while visiting Las Vegas in November 2022 to 8 News Now’s Madison Kimbro. (KLAS)

She said she made the visit to the Las Vegas valley to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with family and honor what would’ve been her son’s 23rd birthday.

Vulpi said the necklace was dedicated to her son’s memory after he was killed in a crash involving an impaired driver two years ago.

She said the lost necklace had the imprint of her son’s fingerprint on it and on the back it the inscription, “My bunny boy” which was a nickname she had for her son. Vulpi also said the necklace had a rose gold charm attached to it.

“When I saw the lights and how beautiful they are, I went to touch his fingerprint, and that is when I saw that the necklace was gone and I was just heartbroken,” she added. “I really think it broke off because there was a piece of the chain on my shirt.”

She said she believes the necklace charms may have fallen off as she was walking through Resorts World Las Vegas to Enchant.

Vulpi reached out to 8 News Now in hopes that someone had already found the charm and was trying to get it back to the rightful owner.

She added that it would be a Christmas miracle to be reunited with the necklace.

Those with more information on the missing necklace charms can contact Wendy Vulpi at