LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman searched for answers this afternoon after discovering that the tree and memorial plague in honor of her baby were gone from a park in the Lone Mountain area.

Ambrosia Crump was left devastated because her baby was cremated and the only place she would go to honor her baby suddenly disappeared. She said that they toughest part about all of this is that no one had called to give her a warning before she found out herself while visiting the area this weekend.

“This is where it was,” Crump tells 8 News Now at the site, “It’s crazy… we thought we were confused.”

What was once a beautifully decorated plaque under a big tree at Mountain Crest Park was now empty.

“It almost felt like something else was snatched from me again. The process of losing a baby… that’s something that was an unexpected process.”

On Friday, June 10, what would have been Ava Crump’s 4th birthday, Ambrosia came to the park to decorate the plaque, only to find the tree cut down and the plaque gone.

“I didn’t have to find out like that on that day. I’m really disappointed,” Crump said.

No one from the Parks and Recreation department had called Crump. She didn’t know what happened or why the memorial site was taken down after four years.

“Vegas is hot, trees died, people steal things. Those things happen, but I think it could have been handled a little differently.”

This tree was sentimental to Crump and her family. When baby Ava died, they held a balloon release near this area.

“One particular balloon stayed and stuck. We noticed it and we were like ‘oh, why is this balloon stuck in this particular tree?’ It didn’t leave until we left and we were like ‘maybe she was hanging out with us here.”

By Monday afternoon, 8 News Now had learned that the tree was a 30+ year-old pine tree that was removed in March among 7 others because it died.

A company called Real Property Management had not answered any calls from the 8 News Now team, but they told the county that they cut down the tree a few months ago. They claimed that they were backlogged, which is why they didn’t reach out to the family.

The county says Real Property Management is now working with the family to find a new memorial tree and that baby Ava’s plaque has been recovered. When the tree was removed, the staff removed the plaque and place it in a storage area for safe keeping.

Real Property Management intends to replant the 7 trees in the fall, and will reach out to the family so that they may be there to observe the placement of the new tree and re-installation of the plaque.