LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A transitional prison facility in Las Vegas is operating at half capacity after mold was discovered in one of the two housing units.

Demolition and construction at Casa Grande Transitional Housing center will take six months once work begins, according to an official who spoke at the Nevada Board of Examiners meeting on Tuesday. Casa Grande, which is on Russell Road just west of Allegiant Stadium, can normally provide housing for 400 supervised inmates as they re-enter society.

Gov. Joe Lombardo asked questions as Casa Grande facility manager Timothy Christianson informed the board of the problem.

Christianson: We have mold in both of our housing units at Casa Grande. Unit 2 is temporarily closed because of it. We do have temporary showers in place that the residents are using right now and we have closed the showers in Unit 1, which is occupied. So we’re waiting on the demolition and remodel of the showers in both of those housing units.

Lombardo: So the rooms are not to be utilized?

Christianson: The showers. The bathrooms and the showers are not to be utilized.

Lombardo: So are we using space for offenders?

Christianson: Yes.

Lombardo: Hmmm.

Christianson: We’re currently operating at half capacity. We have a capacity of 400. With Unit 2 being shut down, that cuts us right in half to 200.

Casa Grande is a dormitory-style facility built in 2005. It functions “to house non-violent, non-sex crime inmates who are within 18 months of their parole eligibility date. The main purpose of Casa Grande was, and still is, to allow these ‘residents’ the opportunity to seek work and secure permanent housing prior to reintegrating into society. Since its inception, Casa Grande has expanded its programs to include parolees, probation violators, and ex-offenders,” according to a description on the state’s website.

On another prison-related matter, the board heard about work being done to resolve ongoing problems with the locks and door mechanisms in the state’s prisons. Specifically, locks at the Southern Desert Correctional Center have been a problem.

But the problem exists elsewhere. Lombardo told the board that during a recent walkthrough at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Northern Nevada, he could pull some doors open.