LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — For more than a year, the housing market has been booming, and finding affordable homes has been difficult for many residents.

Now, people looking to buy are investing in modular homes, also known as mobile homes.

The Flamingo West Mobile Community in the southwest valley is just one of many mobile home communities appealing to potential homebuyers, all with the choice of amenities, customization, and affordability. In an oversaturated housing market, these mobile homes are helping residents cut costs.

According to resident Ted Cooper, he’s had his mobile home for two years now and the change has been very helpful for him.

“Compared to a site-built home, it’s a fraction of the cost, the taxes are cheaper. The lots are usually smaller so the maintenance is a lot less, and it’s a nice area,” Cooper said.

Depending on the year and size of the home, mobile costs can run anywhere from $30,000 for a one-bedroom/one-bathroom in El Dorado Estates or up to $150,000 for a three-bedroom in Mountain View Mobile Home Park.

Owner of Vegas Mobile Homes Andre Alfa told 8 News Now that about 70% of buyers choose these homes because it fits their finances.

“The need for quality and affordable housing has never been greater than it is right now. Especially with how overheated the housing market is right now, we’re seeing more and more people shift away from on-site built homes and explore manufactured homes as an option,” Alfa said.

Jeanne Parrett has managed El Dorado Estates Mobile Home Park since 1996 and said the process of traditional homebuying goes beyond four walls.

“A lot of people don’t realize that these aren’t the trailer homes of yesteryear. These are homes in some cases that look better than the site-built homes because they have the quality control during the building process that some site-built homes just don’t have,” Parrett said.

Property owners also told 8 News Now that they expect mobile home interests to continue to steadily increase over the next couple of years, especially alongside financial concerns brought on by the pandemic.