LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “I’m tired of being censored for nothing, ” was the sentence tweeted by the former Ms. Nevada State Katie Jo Williams. Her title is now the former Ms. Nevada State because according to the Army National Guardsman and combat veteran, she was stripped of her title because she supports President Donald Trump.

Williams tweeted a message of thanks on Twitter, along with a video message as to why she feels she is being censored and targeted for her political views.

However, the director of the pageant, Susan Jeske, said Williams is distorting the truth. The following message was posted on Jeske’s Facebook page:

According to Williams, there was one instance where she thought what she was doing was ok because Jeske told her to take a photo with the president while wearing her sash. Williams then shared screen shots of the text message she received from Jeske.

Williams was asked to surrendered her crown and sash, and to never speak of the pageant again, but by the tone of her tweets, this isn’t happening any time soon.