LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — John Langeler was downtown at Fremont East Thursday morning to discuss the Mint 400 off-road race that is happening Dec. 1 through Dec. 5.

The legendary desert race is taking place here in Southern Nevada. It’s an amazing event and Langeler was able to interview Matt Martelli about what spectators can expect.

The Mint 400 is the biggest off-road race on the planet. It started on Fremont Street in 1968 at the old Mint hotel – so it’s part of the legacy of Las Vegas.

It went away for a few years, but came back, and is going strong.

What can folks expect this year?

For two days, over 400 racers will be out at the state line in Primm.

There will be a full day of off-road festivities Thursday at Fremont Street so drivers can expect heavier traffic than normal. There was a parade up Las Vegas Blvd on Wednesday as well.

It’s not just this year in downtown Las Vegas, the fun is going to be when they are racing in the desert.

For people who want to see some proper desert racing, the spectator-friendly event will offer tickets to watch from four remote viewing areas, as well as the start-finish in Primm.

There will be lots of vendors, food, and activities going on both Friday and Saturday.

How the pandemic affected the event dates

The Mint 400 isn’t usually in December. It is normally in March.

Event organizers recalibrated everything to make it happen this year. America is tough and so is off-road racing, “We can roll with the punches,” said Matt Martelli.

Next year, the event will return to the second weekend in March.

“You can’t stop off-road racing. We’re going to race! Pandemic or no pandemic. Come out and enjoy the vitamin D, and make yourself healthy,” added Martelli.

For more information visit the event’s website.