LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A judge on Monday ruled against an effort to force a new election in the Clark County Commission District C race between Democrat Ross Miller and Republican Stavros Anthony.

A request for a preliminary injunction would have ended a temporary restraining order in the case. Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez denied the request, saying that conditions were not met for “preventing” an election.

“There is a discrepancy of 139 (votes) — that does not mean that there was any election that was prevented,” Gonzalez said.

Miller won the election by a mere 10 votes, and the case still has more steps to go before it is decided.

Another decision could come as early as Friday. Motions for Miller and Anthony are expected then.

But for now, the request for a new election is not producing the results that Republicans expected when the race went down to the wire.

Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria had recommended a new election to the Clark County Commission, but the law in question does not provide for that, the court ruled in denying the injunction. A close count does not meet the requirements for a re-do.

Miller has sued to prevent another election, and attorneys for both sides have agreed that Clark County will not proceed with a new election until the court case is resolved. Dec. 18 is the final day the court can decide the case.