LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Millennials are taking up a bigger piece of the homeownership pie and they are also choosing to fix up their homes instead of selling or moving.

In November of 2022, 35-year-old Rosean Mckeown and her husband decided they wanted to remodel the kitchen and garage of their Las Vegas home.

“It was lighter flooring with lighter grout and I just wasn’t happy with it and I wanted to go darker that way, having kids and pets. It’s not as easy to see the dirt and for me, I felt like it was a lot easier to clean up as well,” Mckeown said.

Mckeown did not want the inconvenience of having to move during the renovations, so she contacted Units of Las Vegas.

“It’s a great option to be able to store yourself somewhere where you don’t have to like take it from your home to a storage unit. You literally take it from inside your home and put it in a storage unit in your driveway and they take that to a holding place,” she said.

A record 58% of millennials are now homeowners as of 2023. 43% of those millennials chose to renovate, not relocate and the average millennial spending on renovations has increased by a third compared to 2022.

“I used to run a very large restoration company before moving here so I know what it’s like to have your world turned upside down whether it’s because you want it to or not,” Mckeown said.

Martin Mapes, owner of Units of Las Vegas said he is seeing steady business from millennials choosing to renovate.

Mapes opened the business during the pandemic and said all of his customers help him give back to Toys for Tots and the Wounded Warriors Project. When a client brings him a toy, he gives them half off their initial delivery fee and gives that savings to the non-profit.