UPDATE: The grand opening date for Born and Raised in North Las Vegas could be pushed back as delays affect progress toward opening, according to Caleigh Morris, chief of staff. She said it now appears the bar will open on Jan. 13. (Original story appears below.)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When Born and Raised opens in North Las Vegas on Jan. 7, it’s bringing a lot more to the neighborhood than bar stools, big screen TVs and video poker.

The “elevated sports bar,” as owner Scottie Godino Jr. calls it, is all about customer service, great food and drinks, a unique atmosphere — and respect for people who serve in the military.

“We get to champion our armed forces, specifically Nellis Air Force Base and the 11,000-plus military members right down the street for what they do for us and our families every day,” Godino said. “We cannot thank or do enough for those men and women who have fought and still fight for our freedom.”

Born and Raised is opening its third location among a group of new restaurants that are springing up along E. Craig Road between Losee Road and North 5th Street. There’s nothing like Born and Raised in the area. Nellis is nearby, about 10 minutes east on Craig, and more development is ahead as the Helios medical complex spawns growth near the North Las Vegas VA Medical Center.

With a brand created 12 years ago that’s become known in the valley as a top-notch gathering spot, Born and Raised — or BAR, for short — is launching its “2.0 version” with a new tavern built from the ground up. The fourth location is already under construction in the northwest valley at W. Centennial Parkway and Durango Drive with plans for a springtime opening.

A “war room” inside the North Las Vegas location is just to the right when you enter, and a military-themed hanging fixture will greet customers. It all makes an impression even weeks before the bar opens that Godino is serious about honoring veterans. He talks about his grandfather’s World War II Purple Heart medal awarded after he was wounded on Day 2 at Normandy. “Yeah, he was a badass,” Godino said.

“We have a war room that is paying homage to Nellis and the servicemen and women that sacrifice … what they do for us. And God bless our troops and what they stand for, and giving back to them with an acknowledgement of we support you, we have your back,” Godino said.

“We’ve made challenge coins that all servicemen and women get, that we have for Born and Raised to give you your challenge coin that you exchange to us, and we get to feature it in a coin wall that commemorates those who are on the front lines,” he said.

Images from the ’70s comedy “Dr. Strangelove” stuck in his mind as the war room concept was created. The room was still taking shape last week as Godino talked about WWII-era decor … it will be a surprise to see exactly what he has in mind.

The brand-new bar is the first new Born and Raised since the Henderson location opened in 2015. The pandemic slowed plans and the HVAC units are only now arriving, but optimism for taking the next step is apparent.

“We hope to embed ourselves within the community, the immediate surrounding area and throughout North Las Vegas to give back and be a positive influence while showing everyone how grateful we are to have the opportunity to be in their lives,” Godino said.

We want to be the best part of someone’s day.

Scottie Godino Jr., owner of Born and Raised

Sean Margulis, who leads the team at Logic Commercial Real Estate that put all the tenants in place at the site, said American flags are part of the finished product at Born and Raised. “We’ll be erecting as large of an American flag we can at the site, along with painting an American flag on the roof for the pilots during their flyovers,” he said.

“Of all the brands going into the corridor, Born and Raised stands out, it’s the only ‘homegrown’ business in the stretch. Scottie has always shared his love/excitement for the city he was Born and Raised in, his whole model was shaped around the lens of the customer – this location will be no different,” Margulis said.

And if the food is familiar — made from scratch at each location — the experience is a little different at each of Godino’s bars. The art and decor make each location unique.

“We’re still doing the same features, but we’re adding different appeal to it different experiences, like a wallpapered abstract experience that we’re calling the psychedelic wall that goes down to the bathroom,” Godino said. “You get to trip as you’re walking down to the restrooms.”

A drink rail will bring a new element to the new location, with an indoor-outdoor setup. Couches and sports still play a central role to the bar’s appeal as a great place to meet to watch a game.

The third location for Born and Raised — a grand opening is scheduled Jan. 7, 2023 — is built around a theme to honor the military and the veterans who served. (Greg Haas / 8NewsNow)

The bar’s name was in place long before 1 October, the tragic shooting that forever changed Las Vegas. Vegas Strong and Vegas Born became often-repeated phrases as the Golden Knights took an important role in the city’s healing process after the ordeal. Born and Raised was an early sponsor of the team and the messages overlapped. Godino explained where the name came from:

“When asked where I’m from, starting as far back as I can remember, my answer has always been ‘Born And Raised in Vegas.’ Growing up here is a rite of passage to a street smarts masterclass that my friends and I wore like a badge of honor,” he said. His family has deep roots extending to his grandfather Andrew Zorne’s management of the Mint in downtown Las Vegas and the Sahara on the Strip. Now, Godino’s bars carry those memories to a new generation of customers.

“We take what we do very seriously and consider serving our community a privilege that we have not and will never take for granted. We will do everything in our collective power to serve our customers to the best of our ability. They are our lifeline and we want to provide the best experience possible every single day,” Godino said.