LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Midnight Mayhem on The Strip is not what it sounds like. It’s a safe way for people who like to go fast and even race friends to do it legally. It’s also not on the Strip, it’s at The Strip.

The Strip is the four-lane drag strip at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Midnight Mayhem events open the drag strip to anyone with a street-legal vehicle and license to race friends and strangers in a controlled and legal environment instead of doing it illegally in neighborhoods across the valley.

This street racing event has been hosted by the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for over a decade. It has taken on new attention with an increase of illegal street racing and street shows, especially in the northwest valley.

One person who lives in the northwest and has seen illegal street racing says this event makes a difference. “It’s keeping them off the streets of our neighborhood and where people are walking,” Nichole Smith told 8 News Now. “I think it’s great and positive and it’s safe, which is the number one thing on my mind.”

Midnight Mayhem organizer Jeff Foster said the theatrics in street racing across the valley have become more of a thing and there is no need to put others at risk when this track is available to them. “We don’t want them out there on the street racing,” Foster told 8 News Now. “They want to show how fast their cars go to their buddy, that is what this is for. We try to bring more of them hear where they can do their burnouts from the starting line and make a high speed run down the track.”

There is a $20 fee for drivers and an additional $15 for passengers. Spectators can watch for $5 dollars. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has 10 of these races scheduled this year.