LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A year’s worth of planning a tour of Israel for a group of Las Vegas women has been put on hold.

They found out less than a week before takeoff that they won’t be going due to the ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel. 

“It was going to be the trip of a lifetime,” Alison Henn said. 

Henn quite literally waited her entire life for this journey. 

“It was something that I always aspired to do and embrace the culture and pass that onto my family,” Henn said. 

This trip is dedicated to Jewish mothers so they can immerse themselves in the Israeli culture and teach their kids about what they learned. It is hosted by the Israeli-American Council. 

Eighty women from around the country and 10 from Las Vegas were set to fly out this week to Israel. 

The leader of the Las Vegas group is Pany Poura who said she visits Israel every year. 

“Israel means home to me,” Poura said. 

That home is now at war. 

“I was so scared,” Poura said. “I opened up the social media and I saw there in Israel Saturday morning the terrorists came to the streets of Israel and they were just shooting people.”

It’s the same streets Poura and the group were supposed to be walking this month. 

Although their trip is canceled, the women clenched onto their prayer card they made for this trip during the 8 News Now interview. 

“Go in peace, come back in peace,” a part of the prayer read. 

The group is planning to go on their trip next October, but until then they will continue to meet and pray the conflict ends soon.