LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — How much would you pay to watch F1 cars speed down the Strip at over 200 mph? Tickets for the 2023 Miami Grand Prix just went on sale and it’s safe to say there’s some sticker shock.

The Miami Grand Prix premiered this year and gave a good preview of what Las Vegas might expect when F1 comes to town in Nov. 2023.

Ticketmaster prices for the race in Miami begin around $860 per ticket and at least in the pre-sale increase to $2,000 per ticket.

This price is for a ticket package that includes a three-day pass and an “opportunity to purchase parking.”

In auto racing, ticket prices increase the further away – or higher – the seats are from the track. It gives the spectator a better view. In some areas of the Miami track that could mean a difference of hundreds of dollars per ticket.

To secure two tickets near the start/finish line in Miami it will cost between $1,870 to $1,900 a seat.

In the days leading up to the 2022 Miami Grand Prix, “Campus Pass” tickets were still available while regular seat or bleacher tickets were sold-out. The “Campus Pass” allowed people into and around the race track but did not include seating. The passes sold for $500 each on Sunday, race day, and $900 each for Saturday and Sunday.