Mexican Consulate helping small Latino businesses get resources needed to thrive during COVID-19 pandemic

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Mexican Consulate is helping small Latino businesses get the resources they need to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using your cell phone to order your food at restaurants like Havana Grill is just one of the many things the Mexican Consulate is doing to encourage as an additional safety precaution for businesses.

Right now, business owners like Sergio Perez, the owner of Havana Grill Cuban Cuisine, are estimating the damage from being closed while trying to reopen in their new normal.

“I lost a lot of money all the food in the refrigerator in the freezer; I need to put it in the garbage because the place almost shut down three months, Perez said.

Perez said he didn’t know if his restaurant was going to reopen.

“It’s very hard because I need to learn how I can start my business again,” he said.

Perez was worried because of COVID-19, which has brought on so many changes and restrictions.

“It’s different, but the good thing is that the customers understand the situation,” Perez said.

Perez is keeping up on all the guidelines from the health district and the CDC.

“Number 1: I need to have the thermometer and check it out every day, make the list when employees come in; I need to check the temperature.”

The temperature checks apply to people dining at the restaurant as well.

“It’s very important; the people need to understand this is enforced to keep the people healthy,” Perez said.

Inside Havana Grill Cuban Cuisine, tables are 6 feet apart, there is only one person allowed in the restroom at a time, and there is access to hand sanitizer and wipes in every corner of the restaurant.

The restaurant has even added a virtual menu.

“It’s the menu; you come to your phone, and no matter what phone you got, you go to the picture, and when you scan, you have the complete menu,” Perez said. “This is the new life, and you need to make it safe for all your people all the customers who come to your door.”

There is more information and resources for small and medium Latin businesses on the Mexican Consulate’s website.

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