Metro’s Spring Valley Area Command posts heartening message after peaceful night of protests

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Courtesy: LVMPD Spring Valley Area Command/Facebook

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro’s Spring Valley Area Command posted a message on Facebook that reflects a night characterized by peaceful protests and meaningful conversations.

Over the past few days, tensions have been high as our city saw protests that turned violent at times, with bouts of vandalism and looting. Metro Police Officer Shay Mikalonis was shot and gravely injured during protests on the Strip Monday, and an officer-involved shooting occurred at the Federal Courthouse when an armed man approached officers.

But they have also been laced with moments of hope, like when protesters shook hands with officers outside of the Regional Justice Center and locals helped clean up damaged businesses.

However, Tuesday was altogether different, which is why the SVAC acknowledged it, saying, “Tonight was different, it was calm.”

The full post reads as follows:

“In conjunction with units from all over the valley we have been working the strip for the last three nights, we’ve felt the rage.

Yesterday we suffered the senseless shooting of one of our own.

Tonight was different, it was calm.

While driving on the strip we were flagged down at a stop light by a young man who just wanted to talk. We were happy to oblige in conversation and we had a great 20 minute talk on the side of the road about the challenges of society and hugged it out with a mutual appreciation.

5 mins later we ran across a group at the Bellagio fountains who were praying for ALL of those affected by recent events locally and from across the country.

The human to human conversations we had with Ailau, David, Sonja and Josiah are private which shall rightly remain between us and them. Having said that, I can confidently state that it’s something everyone involved will remember for a long time and for our cops it will be something that will remain with them for the rest of their careers.

One mans actions in MN don’t reflect all of law enforcement and one mans actions here last night don’t reflect all protesters.

If we talk person to person we can hash things out and make changes. We CANNOT do that while bottles, rocks and gunshots are in play.

Make tonight the night that ends destructive behavior so the conversation can begin.”

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