Metro Police releases body camera footage from in-custody death of Roy Scott

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Metro Police held a news conference Thursday to discuss an in-custody death that occurred on March 3. Deputy Chief Chris Jones briefed the media and shared body camera video from the incident surrounding the death of 65-year-old Roy Scott. 

The Clark County Coroner said Scott died in an accidental death from methamphetamine intoxication, other significant conditions, paranoid schizophrenia, hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

Watch the news briefing below: 

Police said everything unfolded in the early morning hours when Scott called police to report three suspicious men standing outside of his home.

When officers arrived at his home, Scott came outside to talk with police carrying a pipe and a knife.  Officers told Scott to drop his weapons, and then they tried to handcuff him, but that is when Scott seemed to get agitated and struggled with officers as he yelled “leave me alone.”

Metro Police officers tried to calm Scott down, but they say they think he was also experiencing ‘excited delerium,’ which causes paranoia and agitation, leading them to believe he was on drugs. At one point, Scott’s breathing changed, so Metro Police called for an ambulance.

Scott was taken into a non voluntary hold, so he could get help. Scott was placed in the ambulance, and was later pronouced dead.

When officers searched the inside of Scott’s home they found prescription medicine for diabetes and a pipe used to smoke meth. 

Scott’s cause of death and toxicology report will be releaesd at a later date by the Clark County Coroner.

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