LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Detectives from Metro Police responded to the scene of a fatal accident that happened Wednesday morning on Sahara Avenue near Torrey Pines Drive.

8 News Now has learned from authorities that a black Audi was traveling eastbound on Sahara Avenue and Torrey Pines Drive when it side swiped a Toyota Corrolla with four passengers including, two women and two children in it. The Toyota Corolla had minor damages and no injuries to the passengers have been reported.

LVMPD Traffic

According to Metro Police, the Audi then continued down Sahara Avenue where it lost control and went into oncoming traffic hitting a Hyundai Elantra head-on and killing the driver who was traveling alone in the vehicle.

Upon impact, the Hyundai Elantra struck a GMC SUV with one passenger in it. It was not confirmed if the person driving the SUV had suffered any injuries at the time of the accident.

Officials also reported that the Audi managed to hit another vehicle in the intersection of the fatal accident and detectives on the scene did not confirm how many people or what type of vehicle was impacted but did report that the passengers travelling in the unknown vehicle were not injured and that the car had minor damages.

Investigators believe that the driver of the Audi caused the series of accidents and she was transported to the hospital where she was being treated for non-life threatening injuries. She is being described as a Hispanic woman who may have been impaired at the time the collisions and faces pending charges.

Metro kept the intersection shut for several hours Wednesday while they investigated.